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 First Payment from B-u-x.net!!!!! Instant!!

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PostSubject: First Payment from B-u-x.net!!!!! Instant!!   Sat Sep 27, 2008 9:54 pm

Hurray, at last!!!! I got paid by B-u-x.net!!!.. WoHoooo.. This is my first payment ever from B-u-x.net and i'm very happy about it! I got paid instantly today! I got my 11$ from them.. I'm really glad for i chose to stay in their site.. Smile here's the payment proof below..

Still not convinced? Why don't you try it? Smile

For more info visit


Thank you.. Smile


"Every little thing is wonderful at the beginning, it just depends on how you look at things to make it still wonderful at the end.." -emj0zar
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First Payment from B-u-x.net!!!!! Instant!!
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